Bridlington Ave

by Blind Sight

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Mixing & Mastering: Vic Ortega


released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Blind Sight Murcia, Spain

Melodic hardcore / alternative band from Murcia (Spain). Debut in 2015.

Booking: SouthEast Promotions

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Track Name: Recurrence
Life takes off, a little, weak, white flame
It looks too naïve, to be destined to fade
No there's no
Thing for the flame but dim
It all comes to an end
And It’s given birth again
Track Name: The Way Things Smell (Birth)
It’s time to remember and think about
what I want and who I used to be
The things that make me happy and the way that I can forget my past

And suddenly I’ve been torn apart by lust and greed
This overwhelming pain of me
I can’t barely take a breath

But I won’t fall
I never will fall down

Fuck, this is what I’ve never wanted to happen and I ask myself if I’m making the wrong choices
Did I lost my way?
I have to find my path and never look back

Everything I have ever fucking done
Brings a smell of home and makes me move forward

Everything I have ever fucking done
sometimes turns back and makes me move

Why the fuck I'm always testing me?
Why the fuck I cannot feel safe?
What the fuck is wrong with me?
Track Name: Kwekuatsu (Love)
Am I worthy of the upper eyes
Looking down on me
I am a vermin and I've got flaw shackles that hold me paralyzed
Isolated from your halo all that's left for me is to rust
(I am decaying)

You're my deepest hole, my weakness
I can't follow you
But you're too high to witness it
Moon's unable to hear me

I've been waiting for your return
The sound of the train’s typical
Your smile gives me truth
My wrists perfumed with Iris blood
My dear, I need a sin of youth

While I hit the ground
I'm falling off the fence between hell and heaven as I used to
And while I hit the ground
Failure grows in me again
Behold inner collapse
As trembling hands make their way to your skin
Behold inner collapse
For every lapse we share is such a bliss
Don't forget my name
I'm condemned
To be just not enough

And when I meet the highest mountain
Am I supposed to reach the top
Or die down fucking buried (all alone)

You're my deepest hole, my weakness
I can't follow you
But you're too high to witness it
Moon's unable to hear me (I am the wolf I'm howling)
Your smell of home
The freshness of your toothpaste, the peach taste of your lips
(That show) that kiss that never was
But almost did
Track Name: Flowers For The Suicide (Hate)
Inside my head
The voices never sleep
I don't give in anymore to a world that never did
Feel free to rip what you need
Cause we will stand still,
bear it all, but not anymore
since our wrath is turning tables
And fulfilling thoughts with the answer
For the question I've kept far too long unanswered
I've lost my way
We've lost our way
And we're groping in the dark in vain

If you never bothered to care for the living
What good are now your empty words

We all know Hannah Baker didn't kill herself
You're a disgrace I'm a fucking grenade
Though we deny every chance to spare a life we don't even take the blame

If there was a god
I would pray for our souls (for redemption)
For our intentioned omission sin
We only care about our gain and never bout what others lose
We place the rope around their neck and then we tie the fucking noose

Please forgive us
And the spiteful frozen mass of cells that we call heart

I'm getting tired
Of seeking life
On arid lands
Oh how you are blind
Open your eyes
You selfish pile of scum
We are just particles floating through
And our life’s just what we devote it to

Some thornless roses
Are low price for the debt
We owe each other
When someone's left for dead

And when the pain passes by
And there's nothing left but tears and regret
What's the fucking point
Of bringing flowers for a suicide

We fucking kill with indifference

We deserve to fade

Diffract, diffract
(the least glimmer of light)
We polarize
Led by lies
Diffract, diffract
(the least glimmer of light)
We polarize
Every single cry
Track Name: Requiem (Death)
This bed, where we used to be dead
becomes empty again and it makes me feel so sick
Since the day you left I'm not the same
and I feel that I fall again

Someday I'll be able to forget our time together

I'm broken,
praying to the past that brings you back to life
I'm broken,
give me back my soul and teach me how to walk without him

I see eagles fly to get home where I'll be waiting for your return.

You left without a 'goodbye'
that dark, cold day
I need to breathe again, take my hand
and I'll carry you home